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As many people know, we are well-known for our Marine tools(59-pneumatic & electrical tools).In this article we would like to recommend which Anti-Splashing tapes we offer.

TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape

Also we called Spray Stop tape or no spray tape,designed to prevent dangerous spray-outs.This product is a high-tech laminated multilayer aluminum tape that is designed to prevent dangerous spray-outs in tubing systems. Like you can imagine, spray-outs in engine rooms for example, can be highly dangerous. According to the SOLAS regulations, appropriate protection needs to be installed on these tubing systems.

IMO (International Maritime Organization) revised SOLAS (Sea of Life at Sea) II-2 / 15.2.11 which assigned prevention of fire, led that splashing of flammable oil, leaked from piping and the connected portion in ship engine room, contacts with high-temperature parts.

TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape is also recognized with the reliability, specific, workability to application, and economic, and utilized by not only ship builders, but also ship engine manufactures and other relative manufactures.In China, it has been used in oil platforms, shipyards and other projects and has obtained good evaluation.





WHY CHOOSE TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape

Our advantages

1.Low price high quality.

2.no need any special ability,and experience for application to piping.


Scope of application

1.Application and wrapping to piping or connections close to high temperature area which would be ignition sources will avoid splashing of fuel oil in ship engine room and prevent finally fire there.

2.TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape has character to high-pressure proof with structure of chemical fabric with high-strength and special Aluminum foils

3.TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape is superior to oil resistance, heat resistance, and weather proof, furthermore, and has long life.

4.Application to piping and the connection is very easy, just only taping and wrapping. Any special tools and experience are not also needed.

Working with projects

https://www.chutuomarine.com/tesota-anti-splashing-tape-spray-stop-tape-antispray-tape-product/   https://www.chutuomarine.com/tesota-anti-splashing-tape-spray-stop-tape-antispray-tape-product/   https://www.chutuomarine.com/tesota-anti-splashing-tape-spray-stop-tape-antispray-tape-product/

Post time: Nov-07-2022