• TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape,chutuo Manufacturer of China

    TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape,chutuo Manufacturer of China

    As many people know, we are well-known for our Marine tools(59-pneumatic & electrical tools).In this article we would like to recommend which Anti-Splashing tapes we offer. TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape Also we called Spray Stop tape or no spray tape,designed to prevent dangerous spray-outs.Thi...
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  • TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape with CCS DNV NK RINA ABS CLASS NK Certificate .

    TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape is standard marine safety protection tape designed for the pipes in the vessel engine room.The High pressure endurance and the High Temperature resistant can stop the splashing of the oil or dangerous liquid well . Thus, TESOTA Anti Splashing Tape can protect your engin...
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  • Derusting Tools and Scaling Machine Working On Ship

    Derusting Tools and Scaling Machine Working On Ship

    Rust removal methods commonly used in ships include manual rust removal, mechanical rust removal and chemical rust removal.   (1) Manual derusting tools include chipping hammer(impa code:612611,612612), shovel, deck scraper(impa code 613246),Scraper Angle Double Ended(impa code:613242), ste...
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  • Marine Store Factory For ship chandlers

    What is a Ship Chandler? A ship chandler is the exclusive supplier of all the basic requirements of a shipping vessel, trading with the arriving ship for those goods and supplies without necessitating the arrival of ship into port. Ship chandlers have been a part of maritime trade since its incep...
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  • Ship Supply Marine Store Guide IMPA CODE

    Ship Supply Marine Store Guide IMPA CODE

    Ship Supply refer to fuel and lubricating materials, navigation data, fresh water, household and labor protection articles and other articles required for ship production and maintenance.includes the complete range of Deck, Engine, Stores and Ship spare parts to the ship owners and ship managemen...
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  • PPE Items on the Sea: Arm to the Teeth

    When sailing on the sea, the PPE items are necessary for each of the crew members. Storms , waves , colds and various industrial activities always bring the crews tough circumstance. Hereby, Chutuo will give a brief introduction on the PPE items in marine supply . Head protection: safety helmet:P...
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  • How to Lower the Impact of Sea Freight Charge?

    With the coming of the end of the year , the global trading and sea transportation is to the peak time . This year , the covid-19 and the trade war made the time more difficult. The volumes of import is increasing steadily while the carrying capacity of main ship companies lowed about 20%. Thus, ...
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  • In Februar, 2020, the COVID-19 has swept the world

    In February,2020,the COVID-19 has swept the world . People in many countries had got affected. The situation was especially severe in China. After the WHO proved the masks and disposable boilersuit would do some help in protecting people from the spreading of Covid-19, the world needing of this...
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  • Chutuo have been one of the IMPA member since the august 2019

    Chutuo have been one of the IMPA member since the august 2019 . IMPA is now the world leading association of marine purchasing and supply .  As an IMPA Member we can gain access to the full range of resources and guidance, case studies which will help our Chutuo in developing demestic and world m...
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  • WTO: trade in goods in the third quarter is still lower than before the epidemic

    Global trade in goods rebounded in the third quarter, up 11.6% month on month, but still fell 5.6% compared with the same period last year, as North America, Europe and other regions relaxed “blockade” measures and major economies adopted fiscal and monetary policies to support the ec...
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  • The freight has increased 5 times due to the explosion of sea freight, and the China Europe train continues to soar

    Today’s hot spots: 1. The freight rate has soared five times, and the China Europe train has continued to soar. 2. The new strain is out of control! European countries cut off flights to and from Britain. 3. New York e-commerce package will be charged 3 dollars tax! Buyers’ spending m...
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