Chutuo have been one of the IMPA member since the august 2019

Chutuo have been one of the IMPA member since the august 2019 . IMPA is now the world leading association of marine purchasing and supply .  As an IMPA Member we can gain access to the full range of resources and guidance, case studies which will help our Chutuo in developing demestic and world marine supply chain and CSR strategies. Especially in 2020, in this special year. by following IMPA , we can know what others are tackling and working towards when sitting at home. The COVID-19 stopped our business trip and various exhibiting, but IMPA keeps us updated about the latest innovations and new marketing needs in the marine market. The marine Stores guide is also a very useful tool and let us know what is the right thing to supply . And now Chutuo’s supply is standardized with the IMPA . Under the guidance of book, we can have a good control on our supplying quality and service . Now the complaining on quality and service we received is 0. Our own brand “KENPO ”, ”SEMPO” ,”HOBOND”,”FASEAL” have been very popular in Europe , American and Mideast  Area.  And at the same time , Chutuo has also been the strategic partner of world leading ship chandler’s since 2016. Now our stock of 8000 square meter can ensure the fast delivery everyday for our Customers.  Going with the developing of the IMPA, Chutuo will serve more and more customers well in every port around the world.  Till now , we have served for more than 800 customers in 28 ports in Europe , South Asia, Mideast , Egypt , North and South America. Will next one be you ?

Post time: Jan-21-2021