In Februar, 2020, the COVID-19 has swept the world

In February,2020,the COVID-19 has swept the world . People in many countries had got affected. The situation was especially severe in China. After the WHO proved the masks and disposable boilersuit would do some help in protecting people from the spreading of Covid-19, the world needing of this PPE products had a huge increasing. The products, even the raw material were in a big shortage status since many people were quarantined at home. Chutuo , had a quick action . The managing department had decided to purchase some masks for the customers around the world. And company had got all the employees to be trained how to protect self from the covid-19 and sales department had sent these skills to each customer everywhere. At the same time, Chutuo also increased the stock of disposable boilersuit to supply customers. The disposable boilersuit is one of our stocked PPE items. It is used for dust protecting always. But in this special time, these goods are usd to protect the crew members on ship. Here we want to give a kind reminding that when for medical using, pls use the medical disposable boilersuit for the people. Besides the masks and disposable bolilersuit , goggles, cotton working boilersuits , safety shoes , winter boots, various gloves , rainsuits , parkas , winter boilersuits are all listed on the product catalogues . Customers can gained these items easily and quickly since all of them are in our 8000 square meter warehouse. If CE certificate is required, Chutuo also can provide the CE level PPE products at the most reasonable price.

Post time: Jan-21-2021