Marine Store Factory For ship chandlers

What is a Ship Chandler?
A ship chandler is the exclusive supplier of all the basic requirements of a shipping vessel, trading with the arriving ship for those goods and supplies without necessitating the arrival of ship into port.

Ship chandlers have been a part of maritime trade since its inception. A ship chandler is responsible for the complete repository of the supplies required by a ship for its voyage and is hence integral to marine transactions. Traditionally, ship chandlers in India have been working since the time ships required tar and turpentine, rope and hemp, lanterns and tools, mops and brooms, and leather and paper to replenish their stocks. Even today, the presence of ship chandlers is highly valued from buying groceries to a full-fledged ship.

Nanjing Chutuo Ship Building Equipment Co.,ltd is a Marine Store Factory .We are Ship chandler’s Supplier,We have 5 brands for our professional marine tools in the past 15 years.




KENPO:Portable Electric Drills,Electric Angle Grinders ,Electric Bench Grinders ,Electric Jig Saws,Electric Rod Cutters(Cut-off Machine),Electric  Scaling Machines,Portable Ventilation Fan,Electric Jet Chisels,Electric Deck Scaler,Rust Removal Machine ……




SEMPO:Air Quick Connect Couplers,Pneumatic Angle Grinders,Pneumatic Scaling Hammers,Pneumatic Jet Chisels,Pneumatic Driven Winches,Pneumatic Ventilation Fan,Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps,Pneumatic Piston Pumps,Pneumatic Sump Pumps,Pneumatic Derusting Brushes,Grease Lubricators Air Operated……


HOBOND: Boilersuits Coveralls,Rain Suits,Parkas,Winter Boilersuits,Punching Tool Sets,Valve Seat Cutters,Pipe Couplers,Pipe Clamps, Emery Tape,abrasive……



GLM: White Steel Oil Gauging Tape,Stainless Steel Oil Gauging Tape(Laser Engraving Process blade corrosion resistance, high temperature and wear resistance)


FASEAL: Hatch Cover Tape,Plastic Steel Putty ,Resion & Activator,Super Metal,Water Activated Tapes,Anti-corrosive Tape ,Air Filter……


The products we can provide are amount to 10000+ kinds. All these varies stores.are stocked in our 8000-square meter warehouse. This ability and advantage ensure our one stop wholesaling attainable and stable.Until now, we have been the strategic partner of the world TOP 10 ship chandlers.

Post time: Dec-21-2021