PPE Items on the Sea: Arm to the Teeth

When sailing on the sea, the PPE items are necessary for each of the crew members. Storms , waves , colds and various industrial activities always bring the crews tough circumstance. Hereby, Chutuo will give a brief introduction on the PPE items in marine supply .

Head protection: safety helmet:Protect the Head from Impacting , Squeezing and Impale

Head is the most key part of our body . So wearing an appropriate helmet is the most effective way to protect it. Below is the tips for helmet choosing

1. Make sure the helmet you choose is with the CE mark and is in accordance with relevant regulation for PPE.

2. It is better to choose the adjustable helmet so that it can fit the head size well

3. Choose a ABS ones or a fiber glass helmet. These 2 material is anti impacting .

Ear Protection: Ear Muff &Ear Plug Protect the ear from the Noising

Ear is fragile. When working at the engine room.,please wear the suitable

Ear muff and ear plugs to protect your ear from the harm of noising

Face and Eye Protection :  Goggles and Face Shield to Protect the Face and Eye from the strong light and Chemical items .Safety goggle have the anti-fog type , when choosing , you need to notice the working circumstance and  choose the right one .


Respiratory Protection Equipment: Dust Masks and Spray Respirator

When working in the polluted air ,  face masks is the basic for your lungs. If the work is chemical spraying , respirators need to be equipped as well as the filters . There is single filter type and double filter type. If necessary ,  the full face respirators should be weared .

Arm and HAND : Gloves to protect the Hand and Arm from the Hazard

There are several type of gloves. Cotton gloves . rubber coated gloves . rubber dotted gloves , rubber gloves , lether gloves , wool gloves , welding gloves , oil resistant gloves ,  razor gloves . All these types are in our stock. Different GSM  will result in different quality ,

Foot  Protection : Shoe with Steel Toe.To Protect the Foot from the Punctual and Impacting . When Purchasing , pls make sure the shoes have the steel toe and steel plate.

Post time: Jan-21-2021