Ship Supply Marine Store Guide IMPA CODE

Ship Supply refer to fuel and lubricating materials, navigation data, fresh water, household and labor protection articles and other articles required for ship production and maintenance.includes the complete range of Deck, Engine, Stores and Ship spare parts to the ship owners and ship management companies.Ship chandlers are a one-stop-shop that offer a full service to vessel operators. These services include but are not limited to food provisions, repairs, spare parts, safety inspections, medical supplies, general maintenance and much more.

The most common services offered by ship chandlers:

1. Food Provisions
Working on a vessel is very demanding. A crew must be given high-quality food and nourishment to perform at a high level.

Food – fresh, frozen, chilled, locally available or imported
Fresh bread and dairy products
Canned meat, vegetables, fish, fruit, and vegetables
2. Ship Repairs
Ship chandlers may have existing contacts to supply vessel parts and services at a competitive price. This ensures that the vessel runs properly for succeeding voyages.

General repairs for deck & engine departments
Crane repair
Overhaul and maintenance service
Emergency repairs
Engine repair and overhaul
3. Cleaning Services
Personal hygiene and a clean working environment are important when out at sea.

Crew laundry services
Cargo fuel tank cleaning
Deck cleaning
Room cleaning
4. Fumigation Services
A vessel must be clean and void of any pest infestations. A ship chandler is able to also offer pest control services.

Pest control
Fumigation services (cargo and disinfection)
5. Rental Services
Ship chandlers can provide car or van services to allow seafarers to visit doctors, replenish supply or visit local sites. The service also includes a pickup schedule before boarding the vessel.

Car and van transport services
Use of shore cranes
6. Deck Services
Ship chandlers are also able to provide deck services to the vessel operator. These are common tasks that revolve around general maintenance and smaller repairs.

Maintenance of anchor and anchor chain
Safety and life-saving equipment
Supply of marine paint and painting materials
Welding and maintenance work
General repairs
7. Engine Maintenance Services
A vessel’s engine needs to be in optimal condition. Engine maintenance is a scheduled task that is sometimes outsourced to ship chandlers.

Checking on valves, pipes and fittings
Supply of spare parts for main and auxiliary engines
Supply of lubrication oil and chemicals
Supply of bolts, nuts and screws
Maintenance of hydraulics, pumps and compressors
8. Radio Department
Communication with the crew and port is necessary for performing various ship operations. The ship chandlers must also have their contacts in the event computer and radio equipment need maintenance.

Computers and communication equipment
Photocopy machines and consumables
Supply of radio spare parts
9. Safety Equipment Inspection
Ship chandlers can also supply first aid kits, safety helmets and gloves, fire extinguishers, and hoses.

It is no secret that maritime accidents happen. The safety of seafarers should be given the utmost priority. Safety and life-saving equipment must be functioning in the event an accident happens while at sea.

Inspection of lifeboat and raft
Inspection of fire fighting equipment
Inspection of safety equipment


11 – Welfare Items
15 – Cloth & Linen Products
17 – Tableware & Galley Utensils
19 – Clothing
21 – Rope & Hawsers
23 – Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items
25 – Marine Paint
27 – Painting Equipment
31 – Safety Protective Gear
33 – Safety Equipment
35 – Hose & Couplings
37 – Nautical Equipment
39 – Medicine
45 – Petroleum Products
47 – Stationery
49 – Hardware
51 – Brushes & Mats
53 – Lavatory Equipment
55 – Cleaning Material & Chemicals
59 – Pneumatic & Electrical Tools
61 – Hand Tools
63 – Cutting Tools
65 – Measuring Tools
67 – Metal Sheets,Bars,etc…
69 – Screws & Nuts
71 – Pipes & Tubes
73 – Pipe & Tube Fittings
75 – Valves & Cocks
77 – Bearings
79 – Electrical Equipment
81 – Packing & Jointing
85 – Welding Equipment
87 – Machinery Equipment
the services of ship chandlers are vast and essential for a vessel to operate efficiently. The ship chandling business is a very competitive industry, whereby high service demand and competitive pricing are key points.Ports, vessel owners and crew work together for maximum efficiency to avoid delays. Ship chandlers are expected to follow suit, operating 24×7, in the supply of ship requirements in the port of call. 

Post time: Dec-20-2021