Anti corrosive Tape

Anti corrosive Tape

Short Description:

Petro Anti-corrosion Tape

Petrolatum tape

Petrolatum tape anti-corrosion protection for underground, underwater or exposed to weather metal elements.

  • Petrolatum tape is used in pipe protection against corrosion and it can be applied to all kinds of steel structures to protect it.
    • Good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts
    • Easy application and short working time
    • No charges under low temperature (-270°C)
    • No cracking, no hardening
    • Solvent Free
    • Cold and wet surface application available
    • Create a solid water barrier

Product Detail

Petro Anti corrosion Tape

Petrolatum tape

Application Instructions:

1. Remove all contaminants such as dirt, oil, scale and excessive moisture.
2. Wrap Petrowrap Tape C spirally around prepared surface using even tension. An overlap of 55% is recommended to assure total protection.

  • Usage
    • Hydraulic pipeline valve/flange
    • Underground pipe/tank
    • Steel piling/marine structure

Petrolatum tape is similar to Denso tape.can be applied on: steel flanges, pipes, valves, welded connection points, electrical connection boxes, pipe crossings etc. It may be also used for waterproofing and sealing.

it is used to fill irregular surfaces, to level out irregular profiles and dimensions and to smooth two layer isolation systems. Mastic is perfect for flanges, pipe connections and ship fittings.

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