Pneumatic Angle Grinders 4inch

Pneumatic Angle Grinders 4inch

Short Description:

Marine Pneumatic Angle Grinders 4 inch 100mm

1.With black cover, the waste residue produced when grinding is avoided effectively.

2.With PVC handle, you can use both hands to improve the stability of use.

3.Remove the fixed screws, you can achieve a multi-purpose effect, you can install other disk use.

4.Can be widely used in automobile motorcycle, shipbuilding, boiler, casting, machinery manufacturing and other industries, deburring, descaling, grinding welds and sanding operation.

Product Detail

Pneumatic Angle Grinders 4 inch

A pneumatic angle (vertical) grinder has a speed rating suitable for sanding, rust removal, rough grinding and cutting applications.  A wide variety of models from various manufacturers is available.  The specifications listed here are for your reference.  If you wish to order Angle Grinders from a specific manufacturer, please refer to the comparison table listing major international manufacturers and product model numbers on page 59-7.  Recommended air pressure is 0.59 MPa (6 kgf/cm2).  Air hose nipple and tools for wheel mounting are furnished as standard accessories.  However, grinding wheels, sanding discs and wire brushes are extra.

Product parameters:

Size: 4 inch

Material: metal + PVC

Color: silver

Disc Diameter: 100mm

Idle Speed: 10000rpm

Endotracheal Diameter: 8mm

Work Pressure: 6-8kg

Air Speed: 1/4 inch PT

Avg. Air Consumption: 6 cfm

Package include

1 x Pneumatic Angle Grinder

1 x Disc Polished Piece

1 x PVC Handle

1 x Small Wrench


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